Access and operation guide for lecturers and moderators (panelists)

This guide is meant to present you the access and operation modalities for the National Congress of the Romanian Society of Physiology that will take place between October 22-24, 2020 in online webinar format with the help of the ZOOM platform (


You do not need an account to attend the Congress, and the Zoom platform is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android, which means that almost anyone can access it.

Please make sure that you have a good and stable internet connection during the event. We recommend using PCs / laptops to connect to the event. Connecting to phones and tablets can lead to poor viewing and hearing impairments. Please make sure the microphone and camera are working properly.


We recommend that you:

 -support the presentation in an enclosure with a significant degree of soundproofing so as not to transmit various noises in the transmission;

-make sure that the battery / power supply of the device on which you are going to support the presentation are in good shape;

- enter the event at least 30-45 minutes before the start of the module in which you are going to lecture, using the name of the program to allow the organizers to identify you and upgrade you to panelist status (lecturer or moderator) with enough time before the start of the presentation;

-not support the presentation with a strong light source behind you (window or artificial light);

-In case of technical problems in supporting the presentation, communicate with the moderator of the respective module or, as far as you can without disturbing the transmission, with the organizers using the contact details below.


To join the Congress, click on the link provided by the organizers - this link is unique and should not be shared. This identifies you as a participant and is the basis on which we will issue you a certificate of participation. If you do not find this link, please contact us at or by phone 0733 128 112.

Before you connect to Congress, open the PowerPoint presentation on your desktop, NOT in presentation mode. Close all other windows / applications, especially e-mail programs.

You will be directed to Zoom website that will automatically launch the application. If you do not have the application installed, it will ask you to confirm that you want to download it and provide some information. You can also join the Congress using the meeting ID (a 9- or 10-digit number provided to you in advance). Open the Zoom app, click the Join button, and enter your meeting ID and name.

Enter your full name and email address used to register for the Congress (or forwarded to the organizers in advance) so that the organizers know who you are. Attendance at an event is generally a condition for granting certificates of participation.

If you log in before the start of a day of Congress, you will see a message waiting: "We are waiting for the host to start the meeting." You will be automatically logged in once the meeting starts.

At this point, you have entered the event with the rights of an attendee. An attendee has no panelist rights (lecturer or moderator) and can only view and hear what happens during the event without being able to intervene in any other way than raising his hand (Raise Hand function) or sending questions (Q&A or Chat functions).

During the break before the module in which you are going to give the presentation, the organizers will upgrade your status from attendee to lecturer / moderator (panelist).

Once you have received lecturer / moderator rights, your computer's speakers and microphone should be working. In the lower left corner of the screen you will find a microphone icon and a video camera icon. To ensure minimal background noise during the event, it is recommended that you turn off your microphone when you are not speaking. You can use the microphone icon to mute the sound. The up arrow (^) to the right will open a menu with various audio settings and options depending on the computer you are using.

You can use the camcorder icon to turn off your webcam. By clicking the up arrow (^) to the right of it, you can change webcams, access Zoom video settings, or select a virtual background (if enabled).

As a lecturer or moderator (panelist), you will be seen and heard by everyone, unless you are disabled by the organizers. As mentioned before, for a good management of the presentations, you will have the privileges of a panelist (lecturer or moderator) not long before the beginning of the module or the beginning of the presentation. Before and after the presentation, you can watch the discussion as a simple participant. A simple participant can be upgraded to become a panelist if they have to take on a presentation role. This is done by the organizers.

Event attendees can enter questions in the question / answer window / panel during the presentation. You can view all questions in the Questions and Answers (Q&A) section and answer them in writing or live after the presentation.

You can also use the app's messaging by clicking the "Chat" icon at the bottom right of the screen. Once the chat panel opens on the right, you can view and reply to all public chats. Use the three dots to choose whether you want to send messages to all meeting participants or organizers privately.


You can share anything Word documents, PowerPoint, YouTube videos, etc.) by clicking the SHARE button at the bottom of the screen and choosing the presentation / other document already open on the desktop.

When sharing sound stuff, be sure to click the "Share Computer Sound" checkbox at the bottom left of the window that opens when you click SHARE. Then click Share Screen, bottom right. When you start sharing the screen, meeting commands will move to a menu that you can move with the cursor. Remember that after sharing the powerpoint presentation, switch to its presentation mode. Your audience will be able to see your cursor and everything you do.

Click Stop Share when you have finished sharing the screen (red button, top of the active window). Organizers also have the ability to turn off screen sharing.

Technical issues? If you have problems connecting or operating on the day of the event, please contact at or tel 0730 128 112.

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